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Noah is a beautiful baby reborn.
Noah is a beautiful baby reborn boy who with his weight and height are 
in accordance with the measurements of a real baby, obtaining hyperrealism in the doll. He measures 50 cm, newborn, his weight is approximately 2,100 kg. It has full arms and legs ¾ made of vinyl with a fabric body and soft
padding, making it a doll that can adopt any position with which you can
enjoy hugging it and its hugs, its positions that only real newborn babies adopt. The technique used achieves hyperrealism in the doll. His hair is painted so it is ideal to put a hat to see it divine.
It is hand painted with top quality materials. His eyes are glass. It has a manicure and pedicure with a permanent fixation. It is worked in detail to get that realism that babies have so much. The baby is dressed in a matching outfit, with its magnetized pacifier and
matching chain, diaper, birth certificate and baby reborn's recommendations. The clothes that appear in the image may vary according to seasonal stock
in the store, which you have at the time of purchase, although we will always
try to make it as similar as possible. The pacifier has magnets that are not indicated for people who suffer from
the heart and have a pacemaker system or similar, we recommend that you notify
in advance so as not to carry out its placement.
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