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Lina our baby with down syndrome.
Lina is a special molt baby reborn babe, she shows a pleasing happiness.
He is a happy baby and he will have a baby, he is desiring to arrive at his 
arms and to stay forever. Measure 48cm and 2.000kg. Tea covered and extremities of vinyl i the seu cos BLANDON to be able to
embrace it i cuddle her with molta tendresa. Els seus ulls are by cristall. The seu pellet is pint. Porta manicure and pedicure feta with the permanent fixation. Both the film and the cos are painted more with the millors materials of quality, Using a painting technique which is causing a hyper-realistic swim. xumet, llacet i pendents in the case of being a babe. He also carries a guide to les cures d'el nadó, the seu certificate of authenticity
from Els Somnis Reborn i certificat de naixement. The steal that appeared in the image can vary according to the season stock to
botiga that tingui At the time of purchase, I always try to make it the most semblant
possible. The xumet carries some magnets that are not indicated by people who are pateixin de
el cor i I had some kind of pacemaker or simian system, we recomend that warning
beforehand per a it did not last long to pay the seva col·locació.